Gauze has never been forgotten as a popular element, whether it is summer or winter.

What is the top with a half-length skirt?

Half-length skirts with T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, coats, etc. all look good. The gauze gives people a very good feeling. Stars and people like to wear a veil. Whether it is summer or winter, the veil is a good piece. Summer T-shirt with a half-length skirt, simple, pure and generous; winter coat with a half-length skirt, elegant and temperament.


Half-length dress with

1.Gauze + shirt

The shirt is a versatile piece, and it will not be outdated for many years. The matching clothes are also very fresh. The white shirt is matched with a black half-length skirt, which is full of temperament.

2.Gauze + T-shirt

The veil with an ordinary T-shirt will have a fresh and refined feeling. The veil and T-shirt look simple and stylish, yet sweet and elegant.

3.Gauze + sweater

Comfortable and relaxed sweater, the shape is loose and atmospheric, the upper body gives a little lazy feeling, and the lower body is matched with a gauze skirt, which is full of elegance and feminine atmosphere.

4.Skirt + coat

The coat jacket reveals a little romantic yarn edge, which will add a tender feeling to the whole shape. Whether it is a strong European and American fashionista, or a Korean-style cute girl, it is very suitable.


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