Indispensable pleated skirt in the closet

Girls love skirts just like they are fond of lipsticks. Are you a little confused whether pants are suitable in this season?

The answer is definitely “NO”. Today, we highly recommend pleated skirt, which has been very popular in fashion industry. Mixing with pleated skirt would be attractive.


Which items are you going to wear in A/W? For me, I have lots of small suits in my wardrobe, but it was a bit hard to put on those eye-catching clothes at first. Gradually, I started to wear them and felt at ease. One small suit and pleated skirt with similar colors are perfect in A/W.

Pleated skirt

Knitwear are versatile in autumn. One pink pleated skirt and one pair of black leisure loafers exude a street fashion feel.

Pleated skirt

White sneakers are the hottest during all four seasons. Printed pleated skirts, which could make autumn lively, are the best option. Beige knitwear are elegant.

Pleated skirt

Green feels more youthful than prints, but pure-colored pleated skirts are not liked by all. Coats are critical as well. Contrasting colors are absolutely impressive. If you don’t like this kind of combination, it is better to change the item for lining.

Pleated skirt

If you don’t know how to combine with colors, it is sensible to use similar colors. Tops with polka dots and pleated skirts made by irregular cutting are unique and appealing.

Pleated skirt

Belt of the white pleated skirt, which raises the waist line, is the key. White high neck sweaters are full of elegance. A pair of white short boots are neat and fashionable.

Do you get the pleated skirt?

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