Summer romance – the skirt is still the main category of the women’s market

Brand introduction

Disaya is a Thai independent design brand of the same name. The design is very interesting. The various prints and embroidery patterns are extremely delicate, and at the same time, it is elegant, ladylike and childish.


Fancy floor tower

The layered ruffle trim is full of layering and styling, and the use of mesh makes the girllike dreamy temperament just right, and this layer of tower wind is slim and eye-catching.


Ribbon decoration

The ribbon is decorated in the garment, which can form a new match, and the rope can be adjusted at will, adding a sense of fun and decoration.



The use of lace makes the overall lady’s style of the clothing rise straight, whether it is the same color matching or the color matching is very harmonious.


Embroidered floral fabric

The elements of the flower are presented on the garment in an embroidered manner, which directly shows the girlish sense. The flowers are small but extremely delicate and beautiful.


Cotton and linen embroidery fabric

When the cotton and linen fabrics encounter a colorful embroidery hollow pattern, full of summer atmosphere, giving a youthful and beautiful feeling, bringing a new cotton and linen design.


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