What are you wearing on your long skirt? Fancy match with early autumn dress

They all said that a cold autumn rain, after a period of drizzle, the temperature really dropped a lot, the weather is cold, the skirt is a bit holdable, it is time to change the long skirt, the lower body skirt what to wear? What kind of blouse is worn in the autumn dress? What to wear in the long skirt? What kind of jacket to wear on the long skirt? These questions will give you the answer.

Wear 1

Yellow sweater + printed skirt + sandals, cold-stricken sister can also wear a pair of socks over the ankle, directly leaking out is also very good-looking, the sweater has a good look on the color, the same color of the wine red bag is also essential, both It is the color of autumn and winter, giving a warm feeling.

Wear 2

Chiffon shirts and skirts have always been a perfect match. The atmosphere of the wine red and wave points constitute the most temperamental wear, with small white shoes add a little comfort, put on a black leather jacket, the second becomes handsome new women.

Wear 3

Sweatshirt + skirt + ballet shoes, a very personal wear, suitable for everyday styling, cute age, blue satchel makes this dress become extraordinarily playful.

Wear 4

Irregular fishtail skirt + plaid shirt, this hem irregular design is very popular this year, the lattice to increase the playful feeling, when the weather is cold, take a knit vest, intellectual art.

Wear 5

The long-length plaid skirt + long-sleeved top + oxford shoes, a British style of the match, I think the color is too good, you can also use silk scarves to add highlights.

Wear 6

The plaid skirt is also the first combination of autumn and winter. The high waist and hip style is very attractive. The front fork design is more comfortable, and the long leg type can be extended. The solid color letter t on the top is ok. When the weather is cold, Take a black suit jacket, intellectual OL wind.

Wear 7

If you want to feel fresh, the light blue denim skirt will help you to continue the vitality of the summer. Striped shirts + small white shoes will be fresh and age-reducing. The white canvas bag will feel full of vacation and will not appear too heavy.

Wear 8

Black and white is a suitable rule for any season. The high-waist skirt with drape fabric is matched with white t to make you long legs. The retro style plaid suit will add a bit of literary temperament, in order to break the dull feeling. With a deep wine red bag is a good choice.

Wear 9

Joker high-neck sweater + pleated skirt, both are very hot items in autumn, medium and long color pleated skirt with black top, elegant and temperament wear, with black handbag is best for out Street, when it is raining, it is perfect to wear a pair of ankle boots.

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