What kind of top is the pleated skirt? The warmth of the spring is from the skirt.

What blouse with pleated skirt

The unique pleated texture of the pleated skirt itself has a sweet femininity in any match. When it is matched, it can create different feminine charms depending on the color and fabric.

Black pleated skirt + white suit

Black and white with classic simplicity and atmosphere, exquisite small suits show the sexy charm of mature women, with a black wide belt, can better outline the perfect body proportions, with a pair of polka-dot high heels, full of pretty feelings.

Metallic pleated skirt + short sweater

It is very simple and daily, with a glossy metal texture, it is full of sweet and beautiful, with a wide belt and more slender legs, soft knit fabric can also create a visual impact.

Patent leather pleated skirt + middle sweater

The letter-printed sweater is full of vitality, and the intense warm contrast is more eye-catching. The sweater chooses a loose style, but it will look slim and slender, with warm red heels and satchels.

White pleated skirt + pink floral top

The combination of pink and white is as fresh and generous as cherry blossoms, and the transparent veil is matched with the lace elements of the top, which brings the cute and pretty style to the fullest.

Golden pleated skirt + black V-neck top

The deep black V-neck can be said to be very sexy, and the long skirt with metal texture is more eye-catching, and the tight-fitting design can create a beautiful curve.

Lake blue pleated skirt + black leather

The pleated skirt and the leather match are elegant and delicate, and the white floral print on the leather adds a touch of gentle femininity. The short style is more fresh and simple.

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