What shoes do you wear with your skirt? These combinations make you more attractive !

The skirt is a very good item for the spring and summer season. Whether it’s a half-length skirt or an energetic A-line skirt or a romantic long skirt. Without a skirt, girls can’t be called feminine. But no matter which type of skirt, you need a pair of good shoes to assist in the shape. So, what kind of shoes do you wear with your skirt? Let’s take a look at how street shooters are matched:

Skirt with a word with sandals


The elegance and intellectuality of a word with sandals is the favorite of white-collar ladies. The design of the waterproof platform and the simple strips make it simple and versatile. No matter what style of skirt, it always adds color rather than becoming cumbersome.

The apricot-knit sleeveless vest with khaki fishtail skirt is elegant and feminine, and the same color sandals are very high.

The one-shoulder blouse with umbra skirt is the secret of French women’s elegance, and the wearing of a pair of metallic color sandals is more delicate.

Skirt with Mary Jane shoes

In the past few years, Mary Jane has been loved by many people in the fashion circle. You can even see this kind of shoes on many big-name fashion shows. Using it to match the skirt can make the styling retro more than a girl’s playful.


In recent seasons, Mary Jane shoes have evolved from a previous buckle, black, round face, etc., and there have been two buckles and even three buckles. This is a regular and regular shoe with a skirt. It looks very novel.

With the evolution of time, the high-heeled style of Mary Jane shoes is also very popular, simple straps can have a unique retro taste than ordinary high-heeled shoes. A one-shoulder shirt with a playful A-line skirt is very suitable.

Skirt with casual shoes


In recent years, the popular mix and match style has made casual shoes become versatile and unique. Unlike the seriousness of high heels, it is different from other boots. The combination of casual shoes is very age-reducing, youthful and energetic.

Skirt with bare boots

If you say that bare boots can only be worn in autumn and winter, then you will lose a classic look. Shirts and skirts with bare boots will definitely give you new surprises.


Such a shirt stacking with a skirt and bare boots is a kind of wear that is very popular among fashionistas this year. It is both novel and fashionable, and most people are better at driving.

Skirt with pointed high heels


The popularity of pointed heels in high heels is absolutely unquestionable. Sexy and slimming light have made women unable to refuse. Use it to match the skirt, and the female hormones from head to toe are radiant.

The classic shirt is worn with a pair of pointed little heels, and the girlish atmosphere is reminiscent of the classic match of the Hepburn goddess in the movie Roman holiday.

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